Project 615

IMG_5231Today I learned about printmaking for shirts. I was so inspired about it that I want to get shirts from them for my button company.

Mr. Matthew came out to greet me to get the buttons and he showed me around the place. The first room he showed me was his office. He talks to the people who want some stuff and he draws out designs for his own shirts.

The next room we went to see had all of the shirts he has made. He sells his shirts online and in his store. There is a gentleman who comes in and works in that room. He fills the orders and ships them. I saw one box that said “HANK” and that used to be my nickname!

And then we went into where the print making was. And he told me all about it. I was so inspired. I couldn’t even speak I was so inspired by it. It was awesome and I want to go back.


First I noticed all of the colors. My favorite colors were the bright green and the neon pink. And I saw three people working down there. They were making shirts. One man was printing a shirt with braids and a bandana and then he put it in the dryer that took only 5 seconds to dry it. And when it came out it was hot and I got to feel it!  

Then Mr. Matthew took us to a room with a lot of screens.  And it was pretty cool because they had all of these cool drawings on the screens. He showed us another room that had a printer and bulbs.  He told me you should not look look at the bulbs when they are on.

Making buttons!

And then he took us to see samples of shirts that I could order. I saw a quarter sleeve one that I think should be perfect. And I told my mom “hey mom I would like to get a quarter sleeve shirt in my company for people”. And she said “okay, let’s think about it”.

When the meeting was going to end he gave me a bat poster which I love!




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