Hello world!


I like beets. The colors are purple and black. When they are cut, they make a pattern. The outside is underground earth.

I like to eat beets raw. At first I did not think it would be good, but I tried it and it was yummy. And you should try it sometime too.  I like to eat my beets cut fresh.  Sometimes I like to have beets dried like potato chips.  And what I like to make with my mom is fresh juice using beets.  I also like to put in this juice: oranges, bananas, pear and apples.

On Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday we will have a special treat at my school and it’s beets!  And it’s all different kinds of ways to eat them.  They can be dried chips or raw or little tiny bits with fruit.  When my friends first tried beets they did not really actually like them and they asked me why I did not throw my beets away. And I said I really actually love them and you should try them again. And you should look for the pattern in the beet too.  And the next day at school when we had beets, my friends tried them again and said to me “I really like them and I saw the pattern!”


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Hey Henrietta! I love beets too. Have you ever seen a chioggia beet? Some people call them candy cane beets because they have beautiful red and white stripes. My friends grow them– I will bring you one when they are in season! I am excited about your new blog! -Ms. Nathalie


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